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Corporate Advisory Services

Monticello Capital Corporate Advisory Services is a fee-for-service practice that specializes in strategic advisory services, marketing, business acceleration and transformation, corporate governance, organizational development and other areas designed to assist companies who are looking for ways to expand beyond their current level of organic growth.

Our broad and comprehensive expertise enables us to provide firms with objective assessments of their current situation and devise effective strategies for new growth and revenue generation.

The team at Monticello Capital approaches each client as a unique entity with a distinct perspective in its industry and market.  We know how to exploit that perspective to improve the bottom line.  We partner with each client, always mindful of the special trust and confidence needed on both sides of the deal to maximize the potential of the company.  We have extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, with specialized federal sector knowledge.

Our specialized advisory services result in effective solutions and measurable results, enabling us to become a highly valued, trusted advisor to leading companies working within the private and government sectors.

Our Corporate Advisory Services include:
Strategic Advisory Services Marketing Strategies & Industry Positioning
Business Acceleration Services Corporate Transformation Services
Change Management Research & Due Diligence Advisory
Corporate Governance Organizational Development & Design
Cost Control

Strategic Advisory Services

Monticello Capital provides clients with strategic insight and tactical guidance based on their unique needs and issues.  We begin each client relationship by listening; we expect to get to know your firm by getting to know the people -- at all levels -- who are investing their time, energy and talent into the product or services that you provide.  In addition to the corporate culture, we will also review the company’s internal processes and procedures, market position, main competitors, and trends in the marketplace.  The objective of such insight is to assist our clients with the strategic decisions that will drive growth and improve revenue generation.

Strategy engagements involve assessment of a corporation's unique position relative to its full potential, including a comparison of the firm to its competitors.  Monticello Capital assists our clients in determining the best places to allocate resources for maximum value creation.  We identify strategic shifts and emerging trends in the market to best position our clients.

Corporate strategy is as much art as science -- there are no algorithms or one-size-fits all packages that can improve your business.  You know your business better than anyone.  There is no reason to accept advisory services from a company with anything but your best interests and future potential central to their concern.  This approach requires a special relationship of trust and confidence.  With Monticello Capital, client companies and their shareholders gain the greatest benefit from that relationship.

We apply our expertise and extended resources to identify your challenges and opportunities, and then work with you to identify the appropriate strategy for growth, including acquiring the resources necessary to realize them.  We work with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their current operating practices and associated costs, and those of their competitors, in order to devise a superior competitive position.

Successful companies require considered strategic planning, with clearly defined objectives and measures, to formulate, implement, evaluate and continuously improve a Strategic Plan that will drive competitive advantage.  The principals of Monticello Capital have the skills, experience, and the right motivation, to assist your company in achieving its fullest potential.

Marketing Strategies & Industry Positioning

Our approach to marketing strategy relies on extensive research into the client’s business environment.  We assess the current target industry, the competitive landscape, channel strategy and conflicts, and trends in the marketplace.  With this knowledge, we work with our clients to design or redesign sales, business development, product, or services enhancements that will increase revenue growth, without loss of momentum, erosion of pipeline or creation of channel conflicts.

Our marketing strategy approach uses customer segmentation and leverage, together with prioritization, pricing, and cost structure to improve our clients’ industry position.

Monticello Capital’s services in this area include:
  • Analysis of channel alternatives
  • Identification and development of channel partners
  • Budget analysis
  • Business plan analysis, critique, and recommendation
  • Identification of key market trends, drivers, and issues
  • Identification of relevant initiatives and opportunities
  • Market sizing and growth projections
  • Profiles of competitors and key characteristics 

Business Acceleration Services

Business Acceleration Services is a practice area that offers our clients the opportunity to transform their organization rapidly and improve business performance.  With careful, personalized solutions tailored to your company and your industry, we can provide proven, repeatable processes to improve and support your entire operational lifecycle.  We can enhance your decision-making to ensure consensus solutions that address the needs of all critical stakeholders, without endless discussion and iteration.

Monticello Capital has an established track record of providing Business Acceleration Services with high returns on investment and positive impacts on performance.

We have no pre-selected set of solutions, tools, or software -- which means that we have the flexibility to tailor our recommendations to meet each client’s unique needs.  We are also aware of the need for speed to meet the requirements of our clients in today’s business environment.

Business Acceleration Services can be conducted in any of the following areas:
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Product development, design and launch
  • Marketing
  • Business Process Management and Improvement
  • Human Capital Management 
  • Requirements Generation and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Management
  • Outsourcing / Insourcing
  • Facilities Layout / Redesign 

Corporate Transformation Services

Monticello Capital uses in-depth analysis to identify opportunities to maximize organizational effectiveness and business performance, and to build or improve a competitive edge.  We focus on strategy, corporate culture, communications and training, key performance metrics, organizational structure, and business processes to assess opportunities to update, streamline, or optimize overall performance.

Transformation is as much about the tangible as the intangible aspects of change.  Any transformation can be thwarted by natural reluctance and resistance to accepting the changes.  The most important aspect of any transformation is to include and encourage the stakeholders, shareholders, and employees at all levels to embrace and adopt it.

Change Management

Change management is about the people side of change; it is the process, tools, and techniques used to effectively manage people and the associated organizational issues that emerge when implementing business changes.  Monticello Capital’s Change Management Services address all strategic and tactical changes that have an impact on the firm, its operating procedures, its business processes and its people.

These changes may require any combination of specialized communication, buy-in, adjustments in technical or non-technical job skills requirements, education and training, organizational restructuring, cultural or performance management adjustment to help ensure that the new approach is understood, accepted, and adopted.

Our approach to change management includes:
  • Leadership and Sponsorship
  • Performance Measurement
  • Two-way communications
  • Education and training
  • Organizational alignment
  • Personnel implications

Research & Due Diligence Advisory

Targeted market research is a critical component of any business planning and business management activity.  Research, assessment, and analyses inform practicable recommendations that will deliver growth and enhancement of market position.  Market, competitor, and customer dynamics all impact an organization's success and require an informed, authoritative, and reliable knowledge source.

Monticello Capital offers a multi-dimensional approach to maximizing company resources and enabling success, with specialized capabilities that address the federal, state, and local markets.  Our approach is customized to each client, providing creditable and reliable industry and market intelligence.

The major components of our market research services include:
  • Budget analysis
  • Market sizing and growth projections
  • Identification of key market trends, drivers, and issues
  • Identification of relevant initiatives and opportunities
  • Profiles of competitors and key characteristics
  • Analysis of market channel alternatives
  • Assistance with identification and development of channel partners
  • Business plan analysis, critique, and recommendation
When a company is considering growth through merger, acquisition, or divestiture, Monticello Capital provides the necessary due diligence under conditions of absolute trust and discretion.

Corporate Governance

A corporation's main objective is to create and increase shareholder value. The principal responsibility of a corporation’s board of directors is to promote the best interests of the corporation by providing general direction for successful management of the corporation's business and affairs, consistent with its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders and obligations to regulators.  As such, directors are charged with certain duties including:
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Duty of Care
  • Duty of Loyalty (“Duty of Fair Dealing”)
  • Duty Not to Entrench
  • Duty of Candor
  • Duty to Act in Good Faith (Business Judgment Rule)
Effective corporate governance requires a proactive, focused state of mind on the part of directors, the CEO, and senior management, all of whom must be committed to business success through maintenance of the highest standards of responsibility and ethics.  Although there are a number of legal and regulatory requirements that must be met, good governance is far more than a mere list of minimum board and management policies and duties.

Even the most thoughtful and well-drafted policies and procedures will fail if directors and management are not committed to enforcing them in practice.  A good corporate governance structure is a working system for principled goal setting, effective decision making, and appropriate monitoring of compliance and performance.

Monticello Capital has the experience and know-how to assist in development of a sound governance framework and structure and to assess and enhance any existing structure that will improve performance of the board.

Organizational Development & Design

As organizations evolve, their structure must evolve to be flexible enough to accommodate new opportunities and responsibilities. Monticello Capital helps clients enhance development and design of their organizations so employees work and interact more effectively.

Establish organizational goals.  Monticello Capital works with clients to build or refine their strategic direction, performance measurement system, and service orientation to reflect current or future organizational goals. By also considering their company’s culture, cost structure, and key issues to resolve, business owners and executives establish goals that serve as guideposts for implementing organizational changes.

Design a new organization.  We guide our clients through options for a new organizational structure based on defined roles and responsibilities.  We then assist in creation of a plan to help clients implement and manage the organizational change.

Implement a new organization.  We assist our clients with the timing and approach of organizational changes using a full suite of change management activities, compensation adjustments, and a communication plan for employees to follow as they adjust to new roles.

Benefits clients gain from our organizational development and design services include:
  • Focus the company on strategic opportunities
  • Increase productivity
  • Better alignment of skill sets and responsibilities
  • Improve financial performance
  • Align corporate and individual goals and objectives
  • Transparent accountability
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Maximize return on the contributions of human capital

Cost Control

Cost control is more than downsizing or pressing suppliers to fit an emergent financial issue.  It is a way of doing business.  It must support a strategic view of the business and initiate thinking and actions with regard to improving day to day operation of the company.  Controlling business costs is not exclusive to our Fortune 500 clients but rather is a changed mindset that requires participation at all levels in any size business.

Monticello Capital can show you how to change your view of cost control and to understand the true nature of costs.  Successful companies manage cost by establishing a focus on effectively managing their internal business and operations processes.

These are the activities that support the delivery of goods and services, such as: Procuring material, paying a supplier, scheduling staff, or inspecting a part.  These processes determine the companies’ ability to respond to their customers.  We assist our clients in understanding how their internal activities commit the company to acquire valuable resources including raw material, labor, capital, and technology.