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Our parameters for investment are provided here as a PDF for companies seeking investment from Monticello Capital:

Investment Parameters

Private Investment

Monticello Capital’s principals have participated in the advancement of technology and service companies by creating and then investing in specific-purpose enterprises in the form of limited partnerships, limited liability companies, or holding companies organized as stock corporations.

Our first cycle of investments took place during the 1990s and into the 2000s, was harvested in 2001-2003, and concentrated in the information technology, Internet, and medical systems and services industries.  Our second cycle of investments began in 2002, was harvested in 2008-2009, and focused on environmental services, water, and power grid technologies.  Monticello Capital has not yet scheduled a third cycle of investments.

In circumstances where ethically appropriate, when invited and approved by the client, and where a conflict of interest does not exist, the firm may take a financial position in transactions that it manages.  In these instances, Monticello Capital’s participation is either through a cash investment or by being partially compensated for its investment banking services in equity, warrants, or options.

Monticello Capital frequently advises corporate clients on the structuring of corporate assets:
Corporate Services

Corporate Services

The services that Monticello Capital provides to corporate clients typically fall into three categories:
  • Conservation of capital through risk hedging
  • Aggressive capital growth through acquisition
  • Efficient structuring of capital assets
Monticello Capital acts only as an “arm’s length” corporate advisor.  The firm and its principals as individuals will not participate as private investors in any transaction where the firm is engaged to advise corporate clients.

The firm is particularly well suited as a corporate advisor for clients whose business growth strategy includes some or all of these planning factors:
  • Extraordinary discretion prior to disclosure
  • International banking and tax complexities
  • Rapid and/or accelerative growth
  • Private investment in public equity (PIPE)
  • US federal regulatory issues in trade and technology
  • Balance sheet structures of debt and equity
  • Corporate board - executive management friction
  • Post-merger capital deployment
  • Financial liquidity within time horizons