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Our Stakeholders

We have five stakeholders to whom we owe our responsibility as a firm:


The relationship we have with our clients is our social purpose.  We are careful to ensure that every client and enterprise that we develop advances worthwhile social purposes and embraces our core values while increasing profits.


Globally free markets empower free people and democracy.  Our transactions and investments must enhance this imperative.


The firms and individuals with whom we partner in commerce are as committed as we are to free competition, the rewards of honest profits, invention in every dimension, the rule of law, societal advancement, the development of democracy, progressive values, human rights, and environmental stewardship.


We serve and give back significantly to our local community in northern Virginia and Washington DC.


We take an aggressive lead as a Green business in every aspect of commerce, not only because doing so is right, but because doing so enhances performance, profit, and market distinction.