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Green Business Leadership

Our investment banking advisory strategy since 2002 is heavily Green themed.  Monticello Capital’s strongest emphasis, both for our own financial growth and for our clients, is building environmentally responsible and sustainable infrastructure worldwide, operating to date in more than a dozen countries.

Our technology sector emphasis has included: environmental engineering, water processes, green industrial support, clean power generation and switching, renewable energy and related services, organic agricultural advancement, green biotechnology and bioindustrial development.  We are proud to be an international financial leader in “green information technology,” meaning a specific emphasis on businesses in the industrial sectors of information technology and computer component manufacturing using renewable materials that have minimal impact to the environment.  All of these efforts support an industry notorious for its international environmental difficulties.

We are a technology investment bank whose growth was originally fueled in the 1990s by the Internet and the expansion of information technology.  But many of our major transactions since 2002 have been environmental, in clean water processes, civil infrastructure, wastewater purification, solar water projects, solar-electric technology development, and electrical power grid efficiency improvements.

We have developed green investment banking transactions in solar transducer technology, solar-electric power generation, solar panel manufacturing, underwater power generation, wastewater efficiencies, desalination technology, and environmental engineering consulting services.

Our emphasis is total, our commitment is complete: We greened our office equipment and materials in 2004.  We greened our information technology and server infrastructure in 2009 and again in 2012.  We recycle, of course.  We “buy green” and consistently take a green business leadership position at our corporate home in the Dulles Business Park.

Monticello Capital was a founding participant in the Green IT Economic Summit on the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day in 2010.